Songs to Make You Dance, part 2

Welcome! This is Part 2 in our series of songs to make you dance. Turns out there are SO MANY songs which get out toes tapping. Let’s get started….

T-Connection – Do What You Wanna Do. A marvellously jolly disco classic. We like the pace, the ethos and those smooth vocals. Our feet are tap-tapping.

Duck Sauce – Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph. We can’t get enough of Duck Sauce. Exceptional music to run to as well as silly-dance to, we think that’s because of the fast RPM. Love that chorus and the “Awwwww yeahhhh” vocal. And what on earth is going on right at the end??

UB40 and Pato Banton – Baby Come Back. We’re slightly cringing here, but this is WONDERFUL. “Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye” is lyrical genius. That reggae beat makes this perfecto for silly-dancing. Start off with the running man and see where it takes you – just make sure those curtains are shut!

Nick Monaco – Freak Flag. This one takes a while to kick-in but it’s worth it, down-beat and a little bit sexy, this’ll get your knees subtly shaking. And extra silly-dancing points if you pretend to play that glockenspiel whilst dancing.

Polar Bear – Peepers. Get your jazz groove on, your saxophone out and really get into this one. We don’t know if there’s a better song than this one, and it gets even better the more you listen to it. Polar Bear are brill!

Quincy Jones – Ai No corrida. We thought this song was good… and then we found the video. The guy in the all-red outfit has some impeccable moves. Wack this on super-loud and copy some of those steps, go on!

ESG – Dance. What a corking video! Certainly some moves here which you can steal. Swivel those hips and do what this song is telling you to do – dance!

If you enjoyed this, come have a look at part 1 in this series of Music to Dance to. We’ve had a rather nice time putting these collections together. If you want to recommend us some music, submit your favourites to us by dropping us a line: lucy @ We’d love to hear your ideas.

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