Pattern Play with Posca Pens

Have you heard of Posca pens?

I, Barfoot, discovered them after seeing the ever-so-playful Will Bryant using them in his illustration. He posts a lot of patterns on his blog and I love it.

I hopped onto Amazon and in a flurry of spontaneity, bought some extra fine Posca Pens and some more chunky Posca Pens. Both super well priced for their quality.


Oh boy have I been making new patterns or WHAT!

Remember how last month I discovered the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paint Set… (It sounds like we’re sponsored by them, we’re not – they’re just lush paints!) well the sheer amount of pattern play i’ve been doing because of these new materials is huge.

And I’ve just had an idea… I COULD COMBINE THE TWO!

Here are some of my experiments in playing with pattern, using both thicknesses of pens and some coloured origami paper:

BarfootDugganPoscaPen1 BarfootDugganPoscaPen2 BarfootDugganPoscaPen5



Don’t forget to hop across to our Pinterest board of ‘Pattern Play’ which is where we’re pinning all the patterns we’re inspired by.

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