Blind Drawing: The Ultimate Silly Way to Draw

Here’s a great and very funny way to produce original artwork for you to try: Blind Drawing. It’s simple to do but takes a bit of practice.

Blind Drawing Barfoot Duggan1

1) Grab a pencil and piece of paper.

2) Chose a subject, we recommend a friend’s face, but anything will do.

3) Now draw with out taking your eyes off the subject. In other words you mustn’t look at the paper, and that’s the tricky bit – stopping your eyes from peeking down. Cover the paper if that helps.
Blind Drawing Barfoot Duggan


The results very often capture the real essence of the person you are drawing, albeit in a fairly abstract way.

Blind drawing someone while they blind draw you is the ultimate way to experience this technique, so share this blog with a friend and arrange a mutual blind drawing portrait session, soon.

And give this drawing technique a go. It works great with objects too. Here’s Barfoot’s 5 minute blind drawing of a telephone.

Blind Drawing Barfoot Duggan

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