We’re Inspired By… Gerhardt Richter

Gerhardt Richter

I, Duggan, love the work of Gerhardt Richter because he consistently refuses to confine himself to a particular style or medium. His technical capability and versatility is astonishing. I need to confess that nine times out of ten, when I go to an art exhibition it leaves me under whelmed or unmoved, or worse, bored and rushing to get to the end of it.

When I visited the Gerhardt Richter exhibition at Tate Modern a couple of years ago I was bowled over by the depth and variety of artistic creation that could be achieved in the work of just one man.

Richter and his squeegee-process

The infinity that seemed to be leaking out of some of his paintings just held me frozen standing in front of them and staring and staring into what felt like the universe. On painting in particular, he had made by repeatedly pulling a giant rubber squeegee across the canvass, dragging colours across each other, tearing ‘pigment holes’ that seemed to have something eternal and of pure beauty radiating through them from some place ‘beyond’.

Another favourite one of his works is his painting ‘4096 colours’. Although he randomly generated the colour placement for this picture it just looks so perfectly designed, and so digital! Even though it was made in 1974.

'4096 Colours'
‘4096 Colours’

RICHTER FACT: In May 2013 he set the auction record price for a painting by a living artist when his 1968 piece Domplatz was sold in New York for £37.1 million.

Other artists that I love? I’ve also written about Cornelia Parker and Cy Twombly and Wassily Kandinsky. Follow those links to find out why I love them so much.

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