We’re Inspired By… Wassily Kandinsky


Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian pioneer in abstract art. No one was painting like this until he came along. He broke the mould. He was playful! Objects do feature in his work but in most of it they are hardly recognisable. I, Duggan, Love him!

He would try to emulate music which he saw as the purest form of artistic expression. And he succeeded I think, because his paintings do seem to sing.

Composition IV, 1911

His compositions were often complex and there was method in his madness. I would liken what he did with paint to what musicians do with jazz. He would take a theme and perhaps around with it.

For instance, in Yellow, Red, Blue’ 1925 , each of the primary shapes has its corresponding colour: yellow = triangle,  red = square, blue = circle. The whole painting is just him playing around with variations of this theme.

Another thing I like about Kandinsky is his curiosity. In ‘Sky Blue’ 1940 you can see odd looking floating forms which are in fact his take on the microscopic sea creatures that fascinated him during his seaside holidays in France. I get the sense he appreciated the wonder of the world and he expressed that wonder in a powerful but fun way.

Blue Sky, 1940
Sky Blue, 1940

“Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key then another to cause vibration in the soul.” Kandinsky

This blog has been part of a series of blogs of my most favourite artists, so far I’ve also written about Cornelia Parker and Cy Twombly, come and have a read and find out why I love them so much.

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