4 Fun Games to Play Anywhere

There’s a quote that goes ‘A day without laughter is a wasted day.’ We couldn’t agree more. We wanted to share 4 fun games you can play anywhere for a quick injection of fun:

Fun Game 1 fully dressed without a smile

One player is “It”, and they’re the only person allowed to smile during the game.

They then have to try, any which way they can, to make everyone else in the group smile.

This can get very silly.

The game continues until only one person is left not smiling – and he or she is declared the winner.

Fun Game 2 yes no

One person asks the other questions and the person being questioned must avoid using the words ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when giving their answers.

As soon as they say a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, their turn is over and the other person gets a go.

The person who lasts the longest without slipping up is the winner.

Fun Game 2 Sausages


One person is the questioned and their opponent is the questioner. The questioner asks them as many random questions as they can think of. The questions can be anything.

The questioned must answer every single question with the word  ‘Sausages,’ and keep a straight face while doing do.

Every question they successfully answer counts as a point. As soon as they smile or laugh their turn is over and the roles are reversed. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Fun Game 4 Don't Blink

Two players must stare at each other in the eyes, starting at the same time.

The first one to blink looses.

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