Monsters Monsters Monsters


The Monsters! They are back! Barfoot has been Monster drawing for years and years and years. She doesn’t even remember when she didn’t have them in her life!

Give her a chalkboard, a whiteboard, a pen and some paper, and she’ll draw you one, almost automatically.

They feature in most of her birthday cards and birthday paintings for her nieces and nephew. They are almost part of the family. She even once made a giant monster as a fancy dress costume, and got her mum to wear it on her birthday.

monster zig

We made some cardboard mock-ups of these monsters, larger than life. They’ve been positioned around the office as inspiration because we would LOVE for them to feature on our first ever range of duvet covers for children.

Barfoot is drawing the monsters over and over, perfecting those little teeth and their mountainous shape.

To practice the little Monster faces, Barfoot made a Monster Font called ‘Jumbo’! You can download it for free, and use it to your hearts content as long as it’s not for commercial use.

Look our for some of the initial designs of the monster duvets, coming very soon on this here blog. Thanks for reading!