WE’RE INSPIRED BY shapes, colour, pattern

A whammy of inspiring images here. Things we’ve found and right click > saved in a folder called ‘Inspiring’. We’re in the research phase of getting together our first designs for our products… and as artists and designers, we know how important research is, immersing ourselves in imagery and experiences is such an important part of our process. So here are some of the things we’ve found which we’d like to share.

Shannon Rankin pattern inspiration
Shannon Rankin‘s patterns.
Things Organized Neatly pattern inspiration
Such beautiful things on the ‘Things Organized Neatly‘ blog. I think it’s our favourite.
Holly Miller pattern inspiration
Holly Miller creates these artworks using acrylic and thread. We’re drawn to the beautiful subtleties and bright colours.
Matthian Heiderich pattern inspiration
Matthian Heiderich has got us looking at the patterns + shapes of buildings.
Gavin Worth hands pattern inspiration
Gavin Worth, maker of these wire sculptures, pieces of art we’d love in our homes.

If you liked this, you’d probably like our Pinterest board  of pattern inspiration. Come and join us.

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